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Hi everybody work has continued at the new (temporary lake) all the timbers to the floating jetty have been treated with a couple of coats of Cuprinol stuff, and finally yesterday amid glorious sunshine we launched the jetty and secured it in place. We were hoping to have the dingy on a retrieval system , that is far to top secret to be mentioned on here , but alas !!!! a mk 2 version is being worked on , As I speak it is blowing 90 miles per hour so hopefully the jetty will still be there for Sunday when it is forecast cold but fine and I look forward to as many smiling face as we can muster , flask and long john’s and thermals all round


Gordon and Ivan hard at work


Jetty Launched and fixed December 4th 2013


Two at a time please

We look forward to trying it out for real on Sunday the 8th December

Mick Admin