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Some of you will remember the A.G.M some months ago , and some may also remember that we suggested that we sell of the club I.O.M and also three other boats the club had accumulated , One of our members Graham Keithley agreed that because he had a little time on his hands he would repair the boats and get them to a reasonable standard to sell ( on eBay ), I ( mick ) got all the bits and bobs together with any parts i felt may be useful and delivered to Grahams shed ( shush cos i don’t think his wife knows ), any way some three months later we have a result and Graham has sold all four boats and has put the incredible amount of £ 621 .47 in for the club funds , and as Graham said in his Email it was well worth the effort , I am sure you will all join with with me in a big thanks to Graham for his efforts for the club .




MDCS2 INFOIf anybody wishes to take part , call Mick for details .