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Sunday 30th September saw brisk winds from the south west for this RM meeting, seven yachts came to the line 5 Marbleheads and 2 I.O.M small sails were called for many opting for C suits and the 2 IOM’s  going to B suit, a windward leeward course was set with almost 2 laps to complete , Bob the G Geary soon showed his dominance with three straight wins before Ivan had had a chance to chance to catch his breath and take race 4 but normal service was resumed for race 5 and race 6 ,, Interestingly to see Colin post two good results in race 1 and two a third and a second before retirement ruled him out ,,  If Colin can do a bit of maintenance and keep the water on the out side of the boat he could be a threat to us all ,   ( the pot is under the pot by the back door) Our potential new member David is certainly getting the hang of things and I for one was pleased with the way he is handling his boat, I am pretty sure that come 2013 he will be giving us all a run for our money , top spot went to Bob and very much the same for the Marion’s trophy but with more gusty conditions, Bob romped home again sometimes winning by a huge margin , We all packed up a tad early as the rain was threatening, but I have to say it was a great day’s racing on a weed free Apex well done to all and see you next week for the IOM showdown,.

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Hi guys and Gals this Sunday is I believe  the last big event for Marbleheads so a good attendance is required for the Bob Orr Memorial Trophy in the morning   10 am start  and the Marions RM Trophy in the afternoonP.M, I am confident our weed problems are nearly behind us and the weather forecast looks great , with no rain at all as I write , Look forward to seeing  you soon


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Senseless vandalism has been targeting boats that appear to be doing well in the ranking events , Police are finding tight-lipped crews in the Birkenhead vicinity where the first act of terrorism has taken place and remarkably was caught on camera , A spokesmen for the club said they were all very shocked but thankfully no body was injured in the attack ,

do not click the link below if faint hearted , you may need to copy and paste

Mick’s Tri Services Victory on Video

Hi Guy’s there is nothing like blowing your own trumpet , and as this is the first big competion I have won I feel quite proud , I have found a chappy that recorded a couple of the races on video , one I came first and the other I came second to a Brit Pop but for those of you who are interested here they are , I may answer questions at a later date . just click on the link below     part one       part two


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