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Three Marblehead came to the line for the Lindum trophy , There was not a great deal of wind although it did fill in from the north east to a steady breeze, Weed continues to be a problem and unless we start to get rid of what washes up on the banks it will just float out into our sailing area everytime the wind changes direction , Graham travelled a long way for the race which was poorly supported .results below

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Sunday 19th Lindum Trophy

This coming Sunday is the Lindum Trophy for Radio Marbleheads the weather looks fine and settled so we are looking for a good turnout , unfortunately the start box is not working and hopefully Ivan will have a back up until we can resolve the Issue ,The other small problem is there doe’s not appear to be a trophy,  so we have reverted to the certificate back up, which have been sent to Bob to take to the lake on Sunday . David and myself have been down during the week and chopped a few trees down and the site will look better as soon as the scrap man takes away all the old metal work that has been dumped on our site.     From next month if we all agree I would like to try to sort out some work party’s to do various tasks to improve our area but more of that later as I am still trying to chase the scaffold company in Lincoln to see if they can help .

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Hi everybody , we have been donated 2 I.O.M and 1 Radio Mablehead by somebody who is moving to Cambridge and for last 8 years has not ben able to find a local club to sail at , They live at the mo in Birchwood which is walking distance from the lake , They found us this time by goooogling and we came top of the list , and she called Jackie and then I went down and picked the stuff up , All boats are glass fibre and in good nick if not a bit old all have fins and old-fashioned short leads , the rigs are bitty but the Rm has two swing rigs but no sail winch , And I am sure if we got a new member with very little money we could get a boat set up for them at low-cost which we could pass on and make a bit of profit for club funds . Also re the hulls I.O.M if anybody has a grandson and wants a hull to play around with ,,, say £ 20.00 all for club funds let me know ,

HYKHAM MEETING AUGUST7 TH  2012.      As you all know the main dingy fleet has been very disrespectful to us in recent weeks by sailing straight through our course despite the fact that we only use a third of the gap between the Island and our spit , I brought this fact up at the meeting and received some apologies and a promise that in future when we have our full day events the race officer for dingy’s would ensure all skippers exercise restraint from sailing into our area , I was also pleasantly surprised to find two or three members of the committee who came down on our side of things and are fully supportive of our activities .

As some of you  also know we have been asked by the M.Y.A. if we would like to be considered to hold the R.M Nationals early in May 2013 , The general consensus was amongst members was ok, And the Mya would draft in whatever help we required Ie race officers and management etc , I felt we could quite easily put on this prestigious two-day event , and may even make a bit of money for club funds , But more importantly promote the racing to the local people and hopefully gain a new member or two , At the committee meeting we were given their full support and blessing and anything we need we only have to ask .

The tubes and the waterfront were also mentioned at the meeting , and although it is taking shape quite nicely , I did ask about the health and safety angle, which seemed to fall on deafish ears , But John Peter’s finally said that the club              ( Hykham) would ultimately be responsible. I am still waiting for an answer from a friend  re the scaffold but hope to make some progress this sunday . We do need to get together probably middle of September time to tidy up the groundwork and lay some grass seed that will be supplied by the main club . It was also suggested that we could use the rubber mats laid in the corner for any use we may have .

Finally I hope we have solved the starter box problem but I fear if it goes wrong again it may be false economy to keep spending on repairs , this last time has cost us £ 32.00 with postage and labour . The kitty has only around £ 30.00 left in it and I am hoping we can hold out to the A.G.M to rearrange how the club moves forward with a reasonable membership fee .

SUNDAY 12th   The calendar say’s Match Racing but as you know we have a significant weed problem and we agreed amongst the members last week we would curtail the Match Racing days untill the weed had finally cleared , If any of you remember please bring a rake or something and we can at least get rid of the weed floating on our edges before the wind turns and it blows back into the middle of the lake. the racing on sunday will be fleet racing but no trophy is on offer  ( free sailing ) I.O.M

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ZEN’S TANKARD 5TH August 2012

Six boats came to the line 4 Marblehead and two I.O.M’s , the day was bright and sunny with a steady breeze about 8/10 knots from the south south west enabling a good windward leeward course to be set , The start was just on the edge of the bay and after a little fussing about the fleet got away to a good start , weed became a problem in that virtually every boat in every race was affected by it and some boats electing to sail close to the shore so the skippers could affect a quick weed clear from fins and rudders , Gordon posted the first win in what was to be very even racing with no one boat having a clear advantage , Race two was won by Ivan and race three by David with his I.O.M “knot a clew “, Then it was Gordon again , and so it went on through all six races, when the final results were worked out it was BOB and Ivan tying for first place but on countback Bob scraped it with two seconds, The results are posted below , for you all,,, but in the conversation that followed  there was talk of Mick being last ,,, for anybody who might have missed it !!!!  Pleasure for  some I am sure.

You may notice Mick and Colin tied for 4th place , But on count back you will see that Mick posted a win, and Colin did not .whether Colin’s DNF would have made a difference Is your little quiz for the week ,, answer’s please on a postcard .

Next week it Is I.O.M match racing , Most of us had a conversation at the lake on Sunday and it was decided that all the time we had weed on the lake we would not do the match racing ,, So That old saying “FREE SAILING” will take place , which means you bring you I.O.M and race just as hard as you would normally , record the results for your own satisfaction if you wish to , but they will not be added to the series results .
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