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Six yachts came to the line to contest the Roden Trophy in flat calm conditions at the start , the wind did eventually fill in from the North East to give some good competitive racing, Problems with the start box continue and so everybody took turns in doing the countdown and it was quite obvious that multi tasking is quite dificult as the concentration required to do both is impossible for the over sixty’s .This should have been an all day event that was mared by both weed and the disrespect of the dingy’s sailing straight through our course and in the event the afternoon match racing was cancelled , Graham K was also sailing out of class with a R.M so his results will not count in the series and should also be discounted in the results below ,,, meaning that David G won with a very respectable 10 points , well done to him,

Roden Trophy


The Water festival trophy was run on the 8th july 2012 for R.M and the results are as follows , With a win for Ivan with four firsts out of six well done to him .

Water Festival Trophy July 2012