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The I.O.M series results so far are posted just click the link at the top of the page , for those who do not have excell this is a pdf


FOSSE TROPHY and apolagies

Hi everybody I must apolagise for not putting these results up sooner it had completley slipped my mind. Ivan reported it was a splended blow from the south west which meant everybody was on B rig all morning , the weather was sunny and bright but the tempreture was a bit low. An ex member Peter Foster turned up with David and enjoyed his day , Ivan had a bit of bad luck when he broke a shrould and had to sail with C suit ( a bit to small for the conditions and not competetive ) Ivan now hates I.O.M’s because they are far to small and fiddly ok . Looks like David just about won it it with Bob coming in second and colin coming home mid fleet . rsults below and all will soon be put on the series sheet as promised ,, Like Ivan I also have a hate ( computers ).

Results I.O.M SHIELD and I.OM TROPHY. 17th June 2012

Sunday the 17th June turned out to be first class as far as the weather was concerned especially after all the rain we have experienced in recent weeks. Six competitors came to the line for the I.O.M Shield that was raced in the morning in a fresh westerly that had the fleet starting with top suit and quickly changing to  B suits for most of the six races, a fair swell was also evident sometimes making tacking tricky. The sun was out and the racing was very pleasant, results are below should you wish to analize your own personal performance as I do for every event , was it gear failure, did I go the wrong way up the beat , did I go to close to the mark, ( trying to be greedy) and touch it ,and end up doing turns ,  there are lots of little things that mess up our potential first position, and if we analize and try not to make the same mistakes we can improve and do a bit better in the next race.

The second race of the day was for the I.O.M Trophy , and by lunch time the wind had abated and it was jackets and jumpers off and top suits back on as the wind died to about 4 knots from the west. Again we had some close racing and Gordon had changed to another boat to try and work out which was quicker , well I think he proved a point , after missing the first race he came in first in the second , and had a series of very creditable results ending with up second to Mick for the Trophy with Ivan a close third, It was one of the best days at the lake we have had this year and in due course I will put up the series results so far , but in the mean time here are the results for the trophy

The tie for third place I believe goes to Ivan for having the most 2nd places .

Mick admin



OK guys this is the big one, all day at Lincoln , don’t forget the sarnies and flask ,let there be no excuses we want everybody to turn up , I have polished the trophy’s , Ivan has been sorting out the course , Colin has renewed all his rigging and Dave boy has been reading up how to get to the weather mark first ,Graham and Bob have been keeping a low profile,  seriously though, let’s have a good turnout , two prizes to be won and all that glory to bask in as well as the sun if it shines. Above all make sure your batteries are going to last all day. Visitors are welcome to come and race with us as long as they realise that the home club members are always on starboard and visitors cannot win the trophy’s ,


Mick Admin