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Sunday 27th May started with a nice easterly 20% of top suit and gradually filled in to 80% top suit , bright sunshine and 20C plus,, had jumpers off and shorts on. We had one very welcome visitor Clive and Jenny from Rotherham and five club members , the two teams were drawn from a hat , and red and white did battle , in what was really fleet racing , none of your usual balking of the opposing team members made me think that maybe they are all gentlemen really , the racing was very close and at times exciting, with Colin sailing his Gadget very well , in fact the best I have seen him sail for some time , he even beat Mick with his new Mobster on one occasion and came a very close second on another. maybe he is beginning to get the bug, whatever it was he needs to keep doing it , The very last race saw Ivan pull out with a rudder problem , but all in all no gear failures which is good to see, Red team prevailed beating the white team by only 12 points , there was some mention of discards made at the end , but it went over my head I am afraid , I am reading a couple of good books at the moment and Ill let you know when they are finished One is about                                                   “being calm and ones inner self ” the other is all about Politics and being Diplomatic , I must say they are both hard going ,

Any way all for now , bank holiday weekend coming up I hope you all have a nice one , Me, well I am going to have a go at the Nationals at Milton Keynes Furzton lake over the 3 days saturday till monday , any body who is free to visit look me up Ill be pleased to see you.

Just a quick one regarding the Jetty project , we had a quick discussion on Sunday and I believe we have sorted a better way to do the jetty ( extend it ) Colin is going to be the Architect Bob will source some more polystyrene , Mick will source the scaffold planks and poles and hopefully in about 6 weeks we can get a generator and some power tools and make an identical jetty to the one we have on site and put it side by side the old one Gordon may supply the carpet , and we can all lend a hand on a specific working party on a non sailing day ,

I will diplomatically tell the main club that our plans have changed

we will not require their piece of rubber after all ,

All for now if anybody wants to email me you know the address

Mick  admin


As you may all remember we cancelled the all day event on the 29th April due to a very bad forecast and many of you were grateful when the Sunday dawned , I have been looking at the calendar and to give you all plenty of time to get it in your diary , I have come up with a new date 15TH OF JULY , I have changed the calendar ,, previously the 15th was a free sailing I.O.M day . Many thanks for your support

Mick admin


Sunday dawned really nice and the forecast was for light northerly winds and sunshine . The Beaumont cup R.M  was run in the morning with 8 competitors coming to the line 5 R.M’s and 3 IOM’s ,, Now there has been some debate over whether I.O.M’s should race with the Marblehead but it was discussed and apparently the decision was that it was ok . at the lake it would appear that in strong winds the I.O.M would not stand a chance , but in the light they can more than hold there own , and so it was to be . The first race was won by Mick’s nuclear powered Mobster with Ivan coming in second and Bob in third , six races in all were sailed and a different winner in the first four races , the results are shown below and you can also see the updated series results as they have now been published Just one thing ,,, when Ivan and I were working out the sheets for the results Graham was given two discards which gave him a second on the day ,,, I have rectified our mistake and the results below are a true account            ( sorry Graham )

The Queen Mary sailing club trophy was sailed after a nice bit of lunch and cup of tea , only 5 Marbleheads contested the trophy over 6 races and  the result is as follows.



The Fosse Trophy was run on Sunday 13th in a brisk wind from the West South Westish  that had the fleet sailing in B suit  , with no dingy sailors at all to worry about , Sunny but a chill wind . First blood went to Bob , with Graham coming in a close second a great start , David boy Gunson coming home in 5th with the Widget was not really where he wanted to be , The second race was won by Gordon, with David starting to get his act together and Graham slipping to 5th where incidently he came in all the remaining races , Consistant was a word I was looking for , Peter the new kid on the block had a good time sailing Davids Gadget and we hope to see more of him , Colin had a sort of up and down day with a best place of 2nd in the fourth race, and Ivan suffered from fiddly breakages that put him out of two races . The winner  wasDavid boy Gunson so congratulations to him and I am sure the celabrations went on well into the night RESULT AS FOLLOWS