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Looking forward to Sunday I.O.M Racing

Hi, well this coming Sunday the 29th we have our first full day events with Match racing in the morning and fleet racing after Lunch, The weather does not look to bad with the wind from the North East around 15 knots so it could be B rigs, temps around 8/9 so wrap up warm and don’t forget to bring a sandwich and flask.  Only a few days and we will be into May and hopefully a bit of a change to warmer weather . I will be off to Scotland next thursday for the  2nd ranking event of the year so I really do hope the weather gets warmer, Please don’t forget the event on the 11th May,3pm  try to pencil it in because it could do us a bit of good with the main club , when i get back from Scotland I will finalize all the details with you all , Thats it for now see you at the lake on Sunday.

Mick admin


A fantastic day for racing greeted the 7 competitors who came to the line for the first R M trophy of 2012, with the 10 knot breeze and near perfect conditions gave us a true beat to windward , a triangle sausage course was enough for the six races held, all in top suit conditions . Bob Geary came out a worthy winner with four wins and a second, from the six races. followed by Graham Keightley in second and third spot was taken by David Gunson, sailing a I.O.M gadget, Towards the end Ivan started to get one or two problems on the electrial side , and Gordon never  realized his true potential, The last race was won by Colin Marsden who I am sure was unhappy with his inconsistant set of races, Micks day didnt start to well either with a trip to East Midlands Airport at 0230 am, and his new nuclear powered I.O.M failing badly on the day , overall a great day’s sailing, although in my view 6 races is not enough , for a trophy day , Perhaps the club members should have a vote on 8 or ten races ?

Admin Mick


Latest News

Hello sailors ,  Firstly, let me remind you that on Sunday we are racing for the John Waller R M trophy, the first trophy of the year, so please let’s have a great turnout.  If you don’t have a R M, bring a I.O.M.  The weather is looking great, with sunshine and the wind due west about 8 to 14 knots.  Temperature are set to be around 10C but with the sunshine could feel a lot warmer.  Don’t be late because we want to get as many races in as possible.

Last Tuesday Jackie and I had a bit of a run out to Skegness, basically I have never been before, but the real aim of our run out was to go and see Martin, who as you all know has been suffering a bit for a while. We arrived around eleven am and had decided to stay for an hour and then go into Skeggy for some lunch, fish and chips.  Well plans don’t always work out and we stayed chatting with Martin and his lovely wife untill almost 4 pm, not forgetting the dogs, oh and the cat as well!  I took my new boat down for him to have a look, and he loved it.  Martin, in spite of all the work the hospitals have done on him, looks absolutely fantastic, and his enthusiasm for sailing and racing model yachts is something I have not seen for a while.   Jackie must have been bored to tears as we continued to chat about all things sailing for ages. Then Martin’s wife came home, and she and Jackie  got on really well, so Martin and I did not feel quite so guilty.  Martin can hardly wait to get back to the lake side and start racing again, although he has made me promise to let him have a go with the my new boat.  He used to be a top dinghy racer when he was younger , and knows loads about sails and rigs , stuff that I never even thought about.  He showed me his selection of model boats and even has a 6metre that is part finished and they are all up nice and neat on racks in his garage.    I can guess how frustrated Martin is, not being able to follow the hobby he loves, but I am sure that it will not be too long before we see him back at the lakeside.    Martin, all the guys wish you well and a speedy recovery, I just hope you enjoyed last Tuesday as much as I did , and we will certainly be coming to Skeggy again.  We eventually had our fish and chips at a plaice recomended by Martins and his wife the food was great , and then made our way home.