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Just a note to thank everybody for the turnout on the 8th where we had a good mornings sailing , David Gunsons return to I.O.M. was marked with taking a first on the day and I am sure it won’t be his last. It was nice to see a couple of spectators at lake side and i am sure they enjoyed there spell at the helms of members boats , also our commiserations go to Brian Quinn who came over to sail with us from Rotherham only to be thwarted by winch problems .

At the half time break we discussed some proposals and Jackie kindly took the M.Y.A subs  which we will endeavor to get sent of this week , With reference to the proposals, It was agreed that we have one full days sailing each month and also race for two trophy’s one in the morning and one after lunch, the proposed new calendar was agreed and will go up on the website later this week , also agreed was that the trophy’s would be presented on the day of the event and this will need coordinating  in the future. The question of subs was raised and the general consensus for this season is to leave as is ( i.e  no subs ) but should the club need a whip round we can all discuss it as and when .

Don’t forget next Sunday the 15th January will be Radio Marbleheads so get your batteries charged and prepare for battle .



Happy new year to all our members , and with just a few hours to go for our first meet of the new season at the lake , lets hope it is a good turnout , I am sure we will have lots to chat about, and we may well have a visitor from another club, no promises ! The weather is looking good with wind from the west around 12 mph and a bit of sunshine , could be a bit chilly though so make sure you are wrapped up nice and warm, with a full flask of tea or coffee for the half time break .

Please don’t forget I will be collecting the M.Y.A. subs for the coming year which are £ 11.00.

Look forward to seeing you all in the morning